What is TAVI method?


1 – What is TAVI method?
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation is TAVI. We may define TAVI; Aortic valve replacement using catheter. When shortness of aortic valve patients too risky to been open heart surgery, this method suggested.

Preferably is done by entering the body through the groin artery . Not correspond to the groin artery ; entering directly through the chest wall to the heart or blood vessels such as the shoulder is done by entering the body of the other vessels . Groin vein when heart angiography or balloon / stent procedures as in the groin to the heart from reach , wires and balloon using heart valve switches , first narrow cover is expanded , followed by the same system the new cover former diseased valve is placed inside . Inserted directly into the chest wall when the anesthetic is administered to the patient . However, without interruption of chest nipple accessed with the heart through a small hole in the lid is replaced.

2 – How long have you implemented in the world ?
World’s first patient was treated in France in 2002 . One day in conditions with different materials and the access road to the heart of this process since 2005, has become used today . So today’s materials and techniques used in the last 3-4 years are .

3 – What is the first time in Turkey was carried out on patients applied and how many ?
The first time in Turkey on 25 May 2009 , at the American Hospital in Istanbul , after an educational process about 1 year 16 persons doctors, nurses and technicians by a team that has been implemented in two patients .

4 – How to cardiac surgeries this method has brought a novelty ?
According to statistics from the U.S. in Western societies , from aortic valve stenosis, half of the patients required surgery is over the age of 75 . TAVI aortic stenosis process is that the advanced age or other system problems; lung, liver, kidney, brain , etc. … etc. ; patients who were rescued from despair . Day by day in the society of the population is aging and many people with chronic illnesses continue to live even longer , given that an increasing problem in human aortic stenosis will be . TAV has enabled these people to be able to offer a remedy . This is possible with TAVI , valvular heart surgery, valve replacement without interrupting the rib cage , leading to the transition to a new thinking in this area has provided .

5 – What are the advantages of the method ?
In case of general anesthesia in the groin , ie, does not require anesthesia . Is performed without interruption of the rib cage . The patient’s recovery period is shortened .

7 – the future of open-heart surgery to replace it possible , why?
Increasing proportions of a lot of medical surgery is performed without disturbing the integrity of the body has become . Endoscopic surgery every organ system in the increasing proportion of the surgery is done. Cardiovascular diseases in the 20 years before that , the majority of patients who require intervention rate of 60-40 % , while the by-pass open heart surgery ; Since the beginning of 1990 come out of stent technology , experience with the drug-coated stents and technology change rapidly towards the advancement rate of 80-20 percent as a result of problems in the majority of patients are treated with coronary stents .

Cover change in the future in this direction would be to treat it is impossible to feel . However, the issue TAVI aortic stenosis and promising point when we need to draw attention , so new about this process is that our knowledge about the long-term results . Progress in every field of medicine , old and considered to be the most appropriate technique or technology that comes with the new , promising scientifically studied to be compared is based on finding better . Aortic valve stenosis in the research in this direction are underway.

8 – Patient selection is made according to what ? Applications What are the situations you will not be ?
1 BEFORE echocardiography, cardiac ultrasound that is evaluated for consistency with the heart valve cover and the outer diameter of the degree of stenosis is checked.

CT scans and groin, leg veins are evaluated for consistency .

- The decision is
- Cover and groin vessels transfemoral appropriate , ie, through the groin ,
- Cover suitable however, is not suitable, transapical groin vessels , so directly , through the chest wall to the heart is done by entering

4 IF
Echocardiography of the heart valve is found to be of appropriate size , this application can not be done is the most important cases .
9 – What is the target ?
Today, the target is aortic stenosis , the people who need operations regardless of risk status , to be able to solve the problems . People regardless of age , be able to offer a better quality of life . It should be remembered ; people over the age of 80 comfortable sleep , or need to go to the trouble-free toilet .

10 – Surgery patients who can return to daily life when ?

Trading day after TAVI , people can see the daily work at the hospital becomes. Week in physical activity when released from hospital and is free .

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