Cathater heart valve replacement have done 10th time in Siyami Ersek Hospital.


Dr. Siyami Ersek Cardiologic Surgery Education and Research Hospital had been applied TAVI operation to 8 patients from about 1 year. This time again our cardiology education officer and hospital manager Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Eren and his team performed successfully cathater way and aort valve change(TAVI) operation to 2 advanced aged and not able to lift an open heart surgery patients on the same day.

In recent years, our country and the world widely being implemented TAVI ( Transcathet the Aortic Valve Implantation ) method, the patient underwent open heart surgery without the need for angiography in the hall catheter method with degenerated aortic valve instead of a holster built into the biological structure of the cap fitting process. Process according to patient characteristics was performed using two different input path . In the first vessel to the heart from the crotch region dimensions and characteristics appropriate to the groin artery and cover are delivered to the heart valve is installed. The second way the veins , sheath placed on the lid to pass enough not to allow patients in the group , the chest on the left side 4 to 5 -cm incision of the heart with the peak being reached , and here the initiative covers the heart is placed . In the process used for local anesthesia in general anesthesia may be applied if necessary .
Today, for the procedure , the heart has to be a joint decision by the team . Following open heart surgery, which can not be high-risk patient group which is preferred TAVI especially the elderly , liver disease, renal dysfunction and pulmonary disease in patients with prior open heart surgery in patients who preferred is the main reason .

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