Revolution in heart valve surgery


Professor Alain Cribier’s finds in a revolutionary heart valve surgery; aortic valve replaced without open surgery allowing” TAVI ((Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation), the method”, is applied in Bayindir Hospital Icerenköy/Istanbul.

Founder of TAVI method French Prof. Alain participated as an observer in a surgery used TAVI method in Bayındır Hospital Icerenköy said that “1/3 of the aortic shortness patients could not be able to get open heart surgery. This device consists of stents contains a valf. Valve made from bovine heart valve, Special processes applied for the prevention of calcification is subject. Previously stents made from stainless steel, now made from cobalt chrome. This way stents go thinner and resistant. Largest development for the method from start to end is to reduce size of the valve, this way device becomes more useful in most cases.Because the application becomes much easier and patients better tolerate. Also first device has one size, now we use 4 different sizes. Even applied to much smaller vessels with the help of this different sizes. So method becomes more useful day by day.”

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