Heart valve change without surgery in AU

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Ataturk University (AU) School of Medicine, Department of Cardiology Assoc . Dr.Serdar Sevimli, cardiology, surgery of heart valve replaced in the center , he said.

In recent years, exciting innovations in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is reminiscent of the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Cardiology Assoc . Dr. Serdar Sevimli, heart valve surgery of the most important of these is stated to be replaced . Sevimli said : ” Heart in our center heart lid surgery in a way that we can. Recent years cardiovascular disease in the treatment of development is taking place. This way heart surgery treated with the patients , their hearts without opening the heart valves without surgery are doing. Through this method the chance of treatment are getting . These operations anywhere in not cut , stitches not . So no bleeding does not happen. Transaction immediately after our patients breathing to relax. Yet also in our center new method of heart valve disease in the latch method and surgery are done. open surgical heart valve change problem today from any incision without through the arteries of the heart valves are replaced . this should lead boast are experiencing . Turkey and in the world respectability growing cardiology center in our top managers be proud we live. daily 130 patients come to us. mistakes here our best way we serve. Cardiac our center twenty-four hours at its best serves. In a way that our patients leave here happy we are happy too . “

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