Aort valve change without surgery


Adnan Menderes University in Aydin , groin artery surgical aortic valve replacement without opening the chest through the process successfully. Adnan Menderes University (ADU) Application and Research Hospital suffering from shortness of breath in the patient’s groin artery surgical aortic valve replacement without opening the chest through the process successfully. Shortness of breath 83 -year-old male patient suffering from the problem of Application and Research Hospital, Department of Cardiology doctors ; Prof. Dr. . Ceyhan Ceyhan , Professor . Dr. . ONBAŞILI Alper , Professor. Dr. . Single from Tarkan , Asst. Assoc. Dr. . Contemporary Orthopaedic Surgery , Assistant Evra ‘s Dagtekin, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery doctors ; Prof. Dr. . Mehmet Bull, Assistant to the Angels have Yilmaz and Professor of Anesthesia Department physician . Dr. . Khan, a team consisting of the Nile , through the groin artery , aortic valve without opening the chest , took the change process . This process mostly aortic stenosis or aortic insufficiency , which is administered to patients at high risk for open surgery, indicating that the Professor . Dr. . Ceyhan Ceyhan ; ” These patients open surgery they visit , so around 20-30 beginning of a serious incident came they were at risk for the cardiology and cardiovascular surgery by the team received a joint decision, this process is desired to exercise ,” he said. Transaction ; general anesthesia in patients after the implementation of a short-term without opening the chest , with the help of the balloon through the groin artery from bovine pericardium bioprosthesis created an installation realized with the replacement of the existing cover as specified. The advantage of this manner of treatment ; Because exposure of the patient to open surgery soon have the chance to toporlan indicating as doctors, this method is applied in the world the last 2 years is a new method stated . Aegean Region, Izmir after the first -time Application and Research Hospital Procedures applied in cardiology , cardiovascular surgery and anesthesia team consisting of difficult , complicated and a collective process , indicating that the crew, the patient’s health condition is fine explained.

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